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About us

Csepel Metall Ltd. is market leader in Hungary and in the area for production of grey (GG) and nodular  (GGG) iron castings for Engineered Business. Our company is located directly in the city of Budapest, in CSEPEL WORKS Industry Area.

Csepel Metall Ltd. is producing iron castings in the weight range starting from about 50 kg to over 10.000 kg by hand moulding technology with a workmanship known and appreciated in the area -  prooved also by two Grand Prix awards by the Hungarian Foundry Association.

We are producing complex castings at competitive price using sand with cold binding resin for moulding for satisfaction of our customers.

Csepel Metall is granting full service for customers starting from (design) and manufacturing of casting patterns, castings, up to heat treatment, machining and final coating.

Our capacity is about 4500 tons/year - depending on the unit weights; more than 90 % of our production will be exported.


Our aim is to be the preferred supplier of our customers.

More information about the foundry is available under the tag „History”