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Subsidy awarded

Our company won a subsidy of  about 37 million HUF (37 266 465 Ft) from the Operative Programm in Central Hungary for Developing Industrial Sites, This way following investments were supported at our site also with grant of the European Union,

In the frame of the subsidy programm the hall „Iron 4” was renewed, a pattern storage was established together with hygienic facilities for the workers. In the new pattern storage patterns are kept safe according to expectations of the customers.

Also in frame of this project an independent laboratory was established in a separate building. The new up-to-date laboratories secure the quality, demonstrate the image of our company and facilitate also to gain new certifiacations. Further the new laboratory contributes to carrying out customer audits and gaining customers from new markets.

Also as part of this project the facade of our office building was renovated and heat insulated.

This project was carried out between March 2012 and October 2012. Total value of the investments amounted to 186 million HUF.

Felújított irodaépület

Renewed facade of office building

Új anyagvizsgáló laboratórium

New material testing laboratory


New changing rooms and hygienic facilities


New pattern storage


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