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History of the company



Csepel Iron Foundry Ltd. was established in 1911 by Manfred Weiss, since this time it has been working at its' present location in Csepel Industry Area. Until the middle of the 60’s its' main challenge was - as part of the holding company in the industry area - to satisfy the casting demand of brother companies like the machine-tool company, the individual machine company, motorbike factory and the tube-works. From 1966 - when a significant change has taken place in production profile - castings for vehicles became the main product group - first of all the 6-cylinder engine block made on basis of the German MAN licence - keeping however also product categories from earlier. From this time until the beginning of the 90’s it was the biggest foundry at one location in Hungary: 35.000 Tons of grey and spheroidal graphite iron castings, 5.000 Tons of steel castings and 1.000 Tons of precision castings were produced here annually at that time. This is the place where most new processes in foundry technology have been introduced in the country, including Meehanite licence - the predecessor of all quality assurance systems of today - firstly has been employed in practice (since 1978).

At the beginning of the 90’s it has lost most of its'markets and confronted a situation where it had to give up a great deal of its' capacities and find more stable markets. In 1995 the foundry was bought up by the American Universal Automotve Inc (IL). Until 2004 the foundry was in American ownership, since then it however has returned to Hungarian hands.

Sole owner of the company is Dr József Sohajda has been president of the Hungarian Foundry Association over several years, he is a reputed plant expert at university education of foundry engineers.

Information as to the main figures of the company can be found under Topicalities.

In past decades the foundry specialized in the production of complex grey and nodular iron castings of intensive core demand. To face this challenge a team of well-trained, educated and experienced engineers and experts has been employed. This guarantees our presence at the markets of the EU and the USA, which are nowadays decisive in our sales activities

Csepel Metall is continously improving its production and working circumstances. Major investments of last years:

  • 2011: New integrated ERP system
  • 2012: New pattern storage, renewal of facade of office building
  • 2013: Comissioning of new material testing laboratory
  • 2015: Full refurbishment of the old mains frequency melting furnace