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Production process

Technology design

Prior to production our Technology Department has to accomplish a thoroughful planning job. In case of complex castings we make use of a 3D design program to plan the pattern and plan production technology.



In course of the design work we plan the production technology for the given part, in case of need with use of a program for simulation of solidification. 




Manufacturing of pattern set

We undertake manufacturing of pattern set necessary for production under supervision of our Technology Department with use of reliable subcontractor team dating back to several years of cooperation.

Öntőminta készítése

Moulding, core making, assembly

We prepare the moulds using a mixture of sand and resin in moulding boxes in a large variety of dimensions. Dimensions of our biggest moulding boxes are: 8000x2000 mm, and 4200x3750 mm. We prepare the moulding sand by using continuos mixers. Our production technology is specialized for medium series or unique parts therefore our production personnel, supported by regular and professional training, plays an important role at our company.


Melting shop

 We use induction furnaces to prepare melt for different material qualities of iron. Liquid iron for high tensile strength is prepared with state of the art metallurgy technology in the laddle

Hálózati frekvenciás indukciós kemence



The clean metallic surface will be achieved by use of steel grain shot blasting equipment. Fine fettling will be done with grinding machines and hand held machines with cutting wheels

 GUTMANN veretőgép


Abrasive HC 2500 Shot-blasting machine

Heat treatment

If the customer requires we use subcontractors for the different heat treatment procedures.


In order to serve customers’ needs more and more we established a subcontractor chain over several years, so we can undertake rough or finish machining of our castings if needed. 


 Készre munkálás


If the customer requires we can undertake prime painting of our castings or we can use subcontractor for finish painting. 



We undertake packaging of our products according to transportation mode and purchase order on palletts or in wooden boxes to meet sea or air transportation requirements.